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Chimneys are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance because we often don't pay much attention to them, but keeping your chimney in good repair is vital as part of your home maintenance routine as safety plays an important factor. A poorly maintained chimney is an insurance risk. Things to consider are :

We carry out all types of chimney work. From a simple job like fitting a new chimney hat that prevents rain getting in, to completely rebuilding a new chimney for you. 

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At work in Belfast

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Scaffolding up, ready to start work!

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Using roof staging for safe efficient work

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These photos show an old chimney crown and a new chimney crown.
In the old chimney, the cement capping crown has eroded away over time and will allow water to leak into the chimney and also the roof space. The chimney pots are loose which is now a real safety hazard.
You can also see a newly repaired chimney crown with new chimney pots and solid cement capping which will be good for many years.


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If any repointing is required, we recommend repointing with a water repellant added to the mortar mix.
If some of the chimney bricks are in bad condition they can be removed and replaced with new ones.

Once the chimney bricks and mortar joints are checked and found to be satisfactory we recommend sealing the chimney bricks and mortar or render with a clear water proof sealer and recommend Thompson's One Coat Water Seal.


If you no longer need your chimney we can take it down for you. The chimney will be taken down safefly and you can be confident that when the job is completed the new roof section will be well finished to blend with the original roof and most importantly - will be fully weatherproof.

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