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Chimney Stack Sealing


We specialise in restoring and waterproofing chimneys.
Chimneys are the only part of a house that are fully exposed at the top and on all four sides to wind, rain and freezing conditions.
We take great pride in restoring a chimney back to life leaving it in tip top condition.

Through time old chimney crowns and brick work normally develop cracks. Water then gets in, freezes and widens the cracks each winter and if left unchecked, will cause a host of problems such as loose chimney pots and brickwork that will let water leak into your house causing further damage.

Renewing your new chimney crown and sealing it is not expensive and is money extremely well spent. Having your chimney crown checked and if necessary renewed will in the long term save you on more costly repairs in the future.

Picture of damaged roof tiles on a house in Belfast

Chimney being sealed with Thompsons Water Seal

Chimney being sealed
Chimney being sealed
Chimney being sealed

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