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There are some fairly simpe jobs but because of the height involved makes them tricky to carry out. If there is an odd job that needs done, for example fixing an existing roof aerial, removing plant life from chimneys, fitting chimney hats, removing debris from roof etc contact us.

We can also examine your roof tiles / roof slates / flat roof / lead valleys / chimney pots / chimney crown / chimney mortar / lead flashing at base of chimney / guttering and down spouts etc.

This can save a lot of unecessary expense if any issues are detected and fixed early on.

Chimney repair being carried out in the greater Belfast area


Preventative maintenance always works outer cheaper in the long run.
A simple repair now will save you money over a later but more costly and extensive repair.

For example, it's good to make sure the lead flashing around the base of the chimney is watertight.
The lead at the base of a chimney should be tightly interlocked but over time strong winds can eventually loosen the interlocking system which can let water into the surrounding wooden roof batons below. This will not usually cause a visible leak if the underlay below the wooden batons has been properly fitted, but will however over time rot the wooden baton ends surrounding the chimney base and will in turn cause the slates or tiles to slip and dislodge the lead soakers underneath the flashing.
A little maintenance in these awkward places can go a very long way.

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We generally work around Belfast to a 15 mile radius. This will include places like Lisburn, Finaghy, Dunmurry, Glengormley, Holywood and Carryduff.
If we have to travel more than 15 miles sometimes we will need to charge a small fuel supplement to cover the cost of the extra mileage.
We have full insurance and public liability and offer a professional service.

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Working in and around the greater Belfast area - Lisburn, Finaghy, Dunmurry, Glengormley, Holywood, Carryduff