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Our Roofing Services


Sometimes the damage on a roof is obvious, like broken slates and tiles. These can usually be quickly repaired as we use a hydraulic lift instead of ladders or scaffolding. Other repairs which we can carry out include:

Picture of damaged roof tiles on a house in Belfast

Full Re-roofing

If necessary, we can completely renew your roof - as you can see in the photos below.
The three photos below show the roof before and after.  This roof was finished with a new style dry gasket ridge which is a low manitenance solution compared to tradional cemented on ridge tiles.

Old slate roof being replaced  in Belfast
Newly re-roofed house in Belfast
Dry gasket ridge tile system


New lead flashing around a chimney

Repairing or replacing lead flashing around your home is vital in keeping your house water proof. We carry out all types of lead work on chimneys, the valleys where roof sections meet and hip corners.
We carry out all types of lead work on houses in and around Belfast including:

- Repair or replace the lead flashing around chimneys
- Repair or replacement of lead valleys or hips on roofs
- Repair or replace the lead flashing around bay windows or dormer windows


We can repair or replace all types of fascia and guttering. We can fit new "maintenance free" uPVC fascia and guttering so painting becomes a thing of the past.


Firestone rubber is a high peformance roofing membrane material that is superior to traditional bitumen felt roofs.

We supply and fit one piece Firestone rubber roofing membrane with all the trimmings for flat roofs plus Firestone "Form Flash" for sealing flat roof window corners, so no more leaking flat roofs.
Firestone rubber can be used on flat roofs or balconies and can be overlaid with with other products such as wooden decking.
The photos you see below are of work carried out by in and around Belfast

Flat Roofs

Firestone rubber is laid in one continuous piece with no joins even around obstructions like sklights. This ensures a totally waterproof roof which will last for many years.
This was a large 10m x 6m roof with a skyllight covered with one piece of rubber with no joins or seams..

Flat rubber covered roof with a skylight

A rubber membrane roof once fitted, is maintenance free. It has a manufactured life expectancy of over 50 years

Flat roof with rubber membrane covering


One piece Firestone rubber is ideal for balcony roofs and can now support patio flagstones with little spacers specially designed for this purpose. If you are limited for space you can make your flat roof a usable area!
Here, Firestone rubber used on a balcony area.

Balcony area with a rubber membrane covering

Even decking can be installed over Firestone rubber flat roofs and balconies. With no more leaks to worry about, the possibilities are endless. Roof gardens with artificial grass. Roof patios and roof decking areas etc.
Decking laid over Firestone rubber roofing membrane

Balcony with rubber membrane overlaid with decking

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